Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Our Vini Elevators are one of the fastest growing elevator manufacturing companies, dealing with design, erection, manufacture, installation, testing, Modernization, Repair & Services of high quality elevators. Our Annual Maintenance contract for repair and maintenance of property used by our company. We care about improving the day-to-day operations of the AMC in order which makes the quality of the product and its process good.

Machine’s long-term repeat maintenance ensures the good quality of output from the machine, and machine maintenance is the key to improvise the quality performance. Our best personnel with the most expertise help by promising that the machine is working as it should. You have the chance to extend the terms when you want to continue the service.

You need to pick the maintenance plan which suits you like Basic maintenance plan, Partial maintenance plan and Full-service maintenance plans. Basic plan evolves with inspection and lubrication of moving parts of the elevator despite of, partial plan includes the routine inspection, preventative maintenance measures like cleaning, lubrication, non-major components, repair & replacements. Talk about the full-service maintenance plan, it includes the preventative routine inspection, adjustments, maintenance, and other repairs needs and then documenting the equipment condition. Such a process helps to know when we need to repair or replace parts before the elevator failure. We mention only a few things here but we are providing our best in AMC services.

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